Meditate... Do Yoga... Love Your Body... Heal Your Heart... -Nicole Lenz

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Nicole Lenz |Health Advocate | Entrepreneur


Nicole is a former model and actress turned health advocate and entrepreneur. She currently is the curator and brand ambassador for Earth Healthcare.
Earth healthcare is an Wellness company specializing in Natural Medicine. It is the first company to provide state of the art genetic testing for the proper usage of the plant medicine, cannabis.
Nicole also works in close association with IAIM (Institute for the advancement of Integrative Medicine). IAIM is an educational platform dedicated to providing continued education to physicians and practitioners.

Nicole also teaches Yoga and Meditation at retreats and events, as well as others. Nicole has done over 1000 hours in lectures and classes, utilizing her own unique style of combining metaphysics and yogic techniques for self- empowerment.

 Nicole earned her bachelors degree from the University of Sedona and is a certified Yoga therapist. Nicole has been studying Metaphysics and yogic philosophy since 2001 and is a certified Yoga Instructor (IKYTA), with continued education specializing in Kundalini Yoga, as therapy.

 Nicole is involved in many humanitarian works. Assisting in programs connected to raising funds for numerous humanitarian causes for Embracing the world.


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Yoga, Integrative Medicine, Creating, Empowering, Spreading the Love.